Smooth Kiss in Venice - Lodi Trasgressiva

Smooth Kiss in Venice - Lodi Trasgressiva

I tell you my first experience with an italian boy.

I was visiting Venice the days before, a beautiful city so surrounded by water, but it's still magnificent, magic... like that boy who was the Gondola's driver....

I wanted to make a travel by the channels, with this cold weather, with the fogg, but with the gains to do that. So I rented for a gondola's travel, and I found a very interesting boy with the availability to help me to know Venice.

In the ride, we began to speak, and to talk about life and about the magic of love, the stories of love lived in Venice, all the films, all the persons, and the sex... Oh.. sex, a magic word... when I pronunced it, he suddenly looked me and told me... "Oh sir!!! Are you gay? I answered him: Yeah, why do you ask me that? No, becuase so do I... I like you!!!! Wow!!! Do you really like me? Come, kiss me!!!! It was wonderful, I couldn't believe it...

Inside the fog, over the water, in that magic place, I was kissing a very handosme italian boy... my heart was pumping.. my blood was getting hot, my penis was erecting... A real excitation.... a delicious emotion... Then, we remain in see us in the hotel where I was staying overnight... he arrived... I couldn't believe... I just tell you that italian boys are the most handomse and interesting men that I've ever seen in my whole life, the most hot and horny and the most beautiful penis I've ever sucked... I felt so excited... But do you want to know more? I just tell you.... that was the beginning of our story...

Today we are married, living here in Chicago, but visiting often Venice, to keep hot, with the flame of love, ricording our best magic and smooth kiss in Venice.

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